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Child-Centered STEAM: Three Ways to Encourage Inquiry and Creativity by Abby Connors

By Abby Connors • Nov 22nd, 2017
The STEAM approach – integrating the arts with the traditional STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math –is gaining momentum in the educational community. The 2017 Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium and CoSN identifies STEAM as one of the major trends driving classroom tech in K-12

What Do Young Children Really Need? Ask Old MacDonald

By Abby Connors • Sep 1st, 2015
“Old MacDonald” has been around a lot longer than I have. In fact, archaeologists believe that the song actually predates agriculture. (An early cave painting depicts an old man, a cow, and a tiny figure shouting, “Again!”) So I’m not the first music teacher, or even the first adult, to find herself singing “Old MacDonald” to infinity and beyond. I learned that “Old MacDonald” satisfies important emotional and developmental needs for young children. For instance...

Kilting the Common Core With Todd Nelson and Robert Burns

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Feb 1st, 2015
School principals are working hard - often joyfully - to provide uncommon experiences for their students even during the Age of Common Core. Let's check in to see what Principal Todd Nelson is up to at Brooksville Elementary School in Maine.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s When You Say It

By Abby Connors • Apr 1st, 2014
If you teach young children, I have a stunningly simple, ridiculously easy positive –discipline technique that will change your life. Well, would you believe it’ll make your day a little bit easier?

Seven Features of Highly Successful Picture Books

By Abby Connors • Feb 1st, 2014
Ever wonder why some picture books hold young children’s attention like a magnet, leading them to ask interesting questions and make meaningful comments, while others inspire blank stares and puzzled looks? I’ve been reading picture books to young children for about twenty years, and I have a long list of stories I’ve found to be sure-fire hits. But many times, I’ve brought in a story I thought was absolutely adorable, funny and interesting, only to have it fail the “real kid” test miserably. Some stories make excellent learning experiences, and some just don’t. Here are some features I’ve found the “winners” have in common.

A New School Year’s Resolution: Stop Getting Sore Throats! 10 Tips

By Abigail Flesch Connors • Sep 1st, 2013
10 tips to help teachers avoid the inevitable September Sore Throat!

The Pinocchio Effect – 12 Ways to Make Read-Aloud Stories Come Alive

By Abby Connors • Jul 1st, 2013
We all know it’s not enough to read the words on a page aloud. Stories need our humor, our feelings, and our imagination – and our skills - to come alive. Think of how your favorite novels have affected you – have touched you, enriched your life, sparked your imagination. This is what we need read-aloud stories to do for our students, but stories need thoughtful and creative readers to bring them to life for young children. Here are twelve ways to make this magical transformation happen:

Should We Be Teaching Vocabulary in Preschool? Indubitably! Here’s How

By Abby Connors • Feb 1st, 2013

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Recently, my adult son got an e-reader. He was very excited about a feature it had – when you came across a word you didn’t know, you could just touch the word and – presto! …

Using Puppets to Improve Reading Comprehension

By Abby Connors • May 1st, 2012
Puppets can be used to bring out students' best, most rigorous thinking!

The Top Ten Greatest Things About Lists (As a Tool for Creative Thinking)

By Abby Connors • Jan 1st, 2011
What could be more mundane and uncreative than writing a list? Lists are for grocery shopping, weekend chores, or what to pack in a suitcase. How could making a list be a springboard for creative thinking? Too many students haven’t acquired this essential habit of generating multiple ideas.

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