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Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Keeping Momentum!

By Bill Powers

From Bill Powers’ blog cmslearning1

We should all be a little uncomfortable. When we become comfortable, that leads to complacency. There is no place in our profession for complacency.

We are approaching Spring Break and much-needed reprieve for everyone – students and staff alike. I know this is a challenging time in schools for many as students are getting spring fever. For Staff, we have been working hard for 6 months, MAP testing is just a few weeks away, and the final 9 weeks of the year are upon us.

Now is when we must do our best work. The cliché of “it’s not how you start, but how you finish” and the “school year is like a marathon” are so true! We must finish strong and carry our momentum into the summer months.

Once testing is finished learning does not stop. We know this, but sometimes the students forget. We all know we must continue to focus and build upon the momentum we have been building all year. My challenge for ALL of us is to use the final 9 weeks to try your new BOLD ideas. Be innovative, try new strategies, join Twitter and start a PLN, have your students teach you something new, experiment, fail, get up and try again.

Most of all try something NEW or DIFFERENT. I’ll say it over and over – WE CAN’T TEACH THIS GENERATION THE WAY WE WERE TAUGHT. A steady stream of worksheets, non-stop lecturing, and popcorn reading – just to name a few – are not the way to push our students to the next level.

Students ANALYZING, EVALUATING, and CREATING to show mastery are what will take our students and school to the next level. To the BOLD level! To the GREAT level!

Do you want to be a BOLD school? A BOLD teacher? A BOLD learner?

Do you want to be a GREAT school? A GREAT teacher?

Do you feel uncomfortable? We should all be a little uncomfortable. When we become comfortable, that leads to complacency. There is no place in our profession for complacency.

Todd Whitaker says “Sometimes there isn’t a difference in desire, there’s a difference in action.” I believe we ALL  have the desire. Now we ALL need to put the desire into action.

A few of you have taken the first step and are putting your desire to be BOLD and GREAT in action. I am proud to see you stepping out and being BOLD and being leaders! Your leadership will catch on. Share what you are doing with your team. Your passion will catch on and be contagious.

Bill Powers blog imageAbout the author

Bill Powers is principal of Cherokee Middle School in Springfield, Missouri. His blog is cmslearning1.

Follow Bill on Twitter: @MrPowersCMS

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