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Protect Yourself, Your Family and Property on the ‘Net

By Robert Rose • Sep 1st, 2013
Email alone has made it possible for me, a retired person on a modest pension, to connect with the people on my radio program. I can publicize my books, my show, and my ideas on You Tube that would have cost me a small fortune. I have the freedom to talk to people all over the world. The freedoms on the ‘Net I want protected. And, they are under attack. a politician wants to tax every email and governments want to continue to invade our privacy by forcing servers and others to share whatever we do on the ‘Net. Don’t let them! Be watchful and respond to any intrusions.

Creativity of a Great Teacher – Dr.Haberman

By Robert Rose • Aug 1st, 2013
There were times, even days in class when my students had no need for my services and I just roamed around and listened as they taught each other. It didn’t just happen, I had done the reading, research, experimented, failed, and learned from my mistakes until my successes became more common.

Victims, Victimizers – Bullying in Cyberspace

By Robert Rose • Feb 1st, 2013
Everyone focuses on the bully (victimizer) as it seems that if you catch him, convict him, and punish him there will be no more bullying. My approach as a parent and a teacher changed when I began seeing each as a “child in PAIN.” Once I changed my mindset I was able to handle him more calmly. I didn’t lecture him, but told him this. “When you’ve been hurt by others it’s human to want to hurt others, so tell me who has been hurting you.”

Victims, Victimizers (Bullying) in Cyberspace

By Robert Rose • Jan 3rd, 2013


Cyberbullying, bullying period, is not a simple fix like punishing the bully. It takes looking at the victimizer, his/her victims, their homes, school, and cultures. By examining each I will offer some not simple solutions.

Everyone focuses on the …

Cyberbullying Topic on Rewiring Your Brain Internet Radio Program

By Robert Rose • Nov 1st, 2012
The theme of the show involved a discussion on their theoretical construct, iPredator Bridge, and the dynamics involved in why some online users engage in harming others in cyberspace. Cyberbully victim Amanda Todd’s video, created three days before she committed suicide...

The Importance of Assertiveness in Teachers

By Robert Rose • Mar 1st, 2012
A dialogue with Dr.Howard Seeman, Professor Emertis in Education about the importance of assertiveness in teachers.

Bird Brain? Social, Emotional and Educational Benefits of Connecting with Animals

By Robert Rose • Feb 1st, 2012
I had a class of the most dysfunctional 4th - 6th grade students in a large minority school considered the worst in the city. These were all violent kids who were living with violence. It had been challenging trying to keep them from attacking each other. One day one carried a gopher in by the tail...

Harm Reduction – Realistic Approach To Addictions?

By Robert Rose • Dec 1st, 2011
Teachers are often on the front line of the fight against the effects of addictions, therefore the need for approaches to treatment.

Labels, Toxic Psychiatry, Empathic Therapy

By Robert Rose • Dec 1st, 2011
How labeling becomes a continuing cause of a specific dysfunctional behavior.

New Uses for Resumes: Resumes for Children – 17 Years Old and Under

By Robert Rose • Nov 1st, 2011
Resumes aren't just for adults seeking new employment. Creating a resume with students as early as grade one provides many academic and social opportunities. Here are just some ideas, and we encourage you to add yours to the comments section following the article.

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