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Dec 2017
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The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Part 12

By Hank Kellner • Oct 1st, 2013
I suppose that if he were alive today, Marc Antony would boot up his computer and get his message across to the thousands of “friends” he’d have via Facebook and other social networking sites. But perhaps, like Mara Dukats, Ph.D, who currently teaches English, Creative Writing, and Humanities at Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest, Illinois, he’d choose to do so in a poem.

The Power of Poems and Photographs to Inspire Writing – Part 11

By Hank Kellner • Sep 1st, 2013
One good way to inspire students to create written compositions is to discuss several works that are related by such themes as happiness, love, beauty, and others. For example, the poem-photo combinations that follow in this article are based on the theme of humor.

The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Part 10

By Hank Kellner • Aug 1st, 2013
Some people like rap; others most emphatically do not. Be that as it may, most students are familiar with it as a form of poetry in which the words are spoken to the accompaniment of a set rhythm or beat. During the 18th Century the word rap meant “to say.” In the 1960s it evolved into the African American dialect as “to converse.” Finally, it evolved into its present meaning. Here are some ideas to help you - and your students - Rap It Up.

The Bridge – Pt. 9 of The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing

By Hank Kellner • Jul 1st, 2013
Together with such keywords as music, link, odor, darkness and the following words by the poet Longfellow: “I stood on the bridge at midnight,/As the clocks were striking the hour,” Sheehan’s poem about an ordinary bridge offers many opportunities for discussion leading to the creation of written works.

The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Pt. 8

By Hank Kellner • Jun 1st, 2013
Lisa Logsdon is an English teacher at Allen County-Scottsville High School in Scottsville, KY, where she has written alongside her students for the past eleven years. She has also published work in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children With Special Needs, as well as in The Citizen Times.

The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Part 7

By Hank Kellner • Jun 1st, 2013

Nature in all its forms provides unlimited opportunities for class discussion leading to the creation of poetry or prose. After all, who hasn’t been surprised by a sudden change in temperature? Or been enchanted by the sight of snowflakes floating …

The Power of Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Part 5

By Hank Kellner • May 1st, 2013
When the provocative and often delicate poems in Reflect and Write are paired with perfectly selected artwork and accompanied by thoughtful quotations from a diverse range of wonderful thinkers, success is inevitable. (Part 5 in a twelve part series.)

The Power of Photos and Poems to Inspire Writing – Part 6

By Hank Kellner • May 1st, 2013

According to the playwright Eugene O’Neill , “Life is for each man a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors.” More recently, news anchor Tom Brokaw stated, “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”

Poems and Photos Help to Inspire Writing – Part 2

By Hank Kellner • Apr 1st, 2013
Thanks to the electronic revolution, graphic images surround us. No matter where you turn, a constant bombardment of posters, billboards, photographs, televised images, and more seems to assault your retinas. Seen from one point of view, this flood of images can easily overpower the senses. But from another point of view, the same images can be used to inspire writing both in and out of the classroom.

Using Poems and Photos to Inspire Writing – Part 4

By Hank Kellner • Apr 1st, 2013
Resourceful teachers and others interested in encouraging writing know how to use even the simplest of black and white images as stimuli for discussion and the creation of written compositions. For example, what does a photograph of a fire hydrant bring to mind? Or a doorway? Or a pair of shoes? Or just about any other thing that we see during the course of a normal day? The list is as endless as the number of images that exist in today’s digital universe.

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