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Dec 2017
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“Get Out Of The Way!” Says Principal Powers

By Bill Powers • Mar 1st, 2015
In my youth I believed leading by example was the right model for leadership. In order to get everyone on board you must set the example. I don’t ask people to do that which I am not willing to do myself. I still believe this to be true. However, I have also found if I just Get Out of the Way people will take an idea, a project, a mission and do an outstanding job.


By Bill Powers • Feb 1st, 2015
Divergent thinking in itself leads to “thinking outside the box.” We often say we encourage this, but do we really? Do we allow this? Many times we, knowingly or not, shut down because we fear we will be wrong or do the wrong thing. Thus we continue with convergent thinking so as to be ‘right’ and follow along with the group.

Be a Lead Learner – From the Principal’s Desk

By Bill Powers • Jan 1st, 2014
How we communicate, collaborate, critically think/problem solve, and what we model is being viewed by our students each and every day. Our words matter, our Positivity and our Pledge to be positive are equally important to the success of one another and our students. It isn’t easy – I know this, but we must hold one another accountable. We must build one another up and see the positive in each and every student we work with daily. EACH AND EVERY STUDENT!

Positivity Lives Here – From the Principal’s Desk

By Bill Powers • Dec 1st, 2013
I have challenged myself to face my adversities head on with a smile. I have faced many in my life and I know many more lie ahead of me. I am thankful to have been giving the opportunity to face those in the past and I know what lies ahead will not be easy, but I look forward to the opportunity. With this challenge I am adding the following to my repertoire from The No Complaining Rule:

Do What Motivates Your Students!

By Bill Powers • Oct 1st, 2013
What motivates you? What motivates our students? Doing what we enjoy, what we love, what we are curious about knowing more of or just digging a little deeper into the subject.

The 3 R’s 4 Success

By Bill Powers • Sep 1st, 2013
I believe it boils down to GREAT teachers that instill the 3 R’s – RELEVANCE, RIGOR, and RELATIONSHIPS in everyday practice.

PPLN – Powerful Personal Learning Network 24/7/365

By Bill Powers • Jul 1st, 2013
Many educators refer to the connections made via Twitter as their PLN or Professional Learning Network. I have recently decided my PLN is now my PPLN – Powerful Personal Learning Network. When you connect with the right people your learning network can become the most powerful part of your learning 24/7/365.

Having the Courage to Listen and Grow – Reflections by a School Principal

By Bill Powers • Jun 1st, 2013
A great year is quickly coming to a close. When we close our classroom doors on the 2012 – 2013 school year it will be a time to reflect, rejuvenate, and renew for the new school year. I hope each of you was able to gather feedback from our students. Have the courage to listen and take to heart what they have to share. It isn’t always easy to swallow the lumps dished our way. However, in order to grow and change we must listen because the students perception is the students reality. It has been a year of tremendous growth for me. Almost as if I went through an awkward growth spurt many teenagers go through during the middle school and high school years.

The Words We Use

By Bill Powers • Apr 1st, 2013
I just finished reading Daniel Pink’s book Drive and walked away with many key thinking points to ponder and use as I continue to focus and refocus on my purpose and drive to be a better person and principal.

Keeping Momentum!

By Bill Powers • Mar 1st, 2013
We should all be a little uncomfortable. When we become comfortable, that leads to complacency. There is no place in our profession for complacency.

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