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Dec 2017
Vol 14 No 4

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Frani and the Little Red Fox – A story for Children

By Artie Knapp • Jul 1st, 2015
Three hippopotamuses were snuggled close together. And they were frightened. A lion sitting close by was, too. Everything was shaking all around them...

A Visit with Students: An Author’s Story

By Artie Knapp • Jul 1st, 2015
The teacher who had introduced me asked the students if they had any questions for me. Many hands went up. I pointed to a student sitting close by. “Are you rich?” “I have a dog and her name is Betsy.” “How famous are you?” “How big is your house?” I am always happy to answer any questions that young students have for me. And besides, they did have some about my work, too.

View from a Zoo by Artie Knapp Now Available in Flash Video – FREE!

By Artie Knapp • Jul 1st, 2014
Artie Knapp’s children’s book View from a Zoo is now out in a free flash-animated video for kids!

Summer at the Drive-In – When I was 14

By Artie Knapp • Jul 11th, 2013

image002I remember the summer I turned fourteen like it was yesterday. I had reached that magical age, which meant I could get a license to drive a moped. But my parents would have none of that. They were too dangerous, …

The Race for Space: Apollo 11 (Written for Students)

By Artie Knapp • Sep 1st, 2012
President Kennedy challenged us to accomplish a great feat by saying, "We should do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard."

Living Green Video Now Available FREE Online

By Artie Knapp • Sep 1st, 2012
Living Green: A Turtle's Quest for a Cleaner Planet is now available no cost!

Light On A Snowy Day – A Story for Children

By Artie Knapp • Dec 1st, 2011
Full text of a touching holiday story for children.

Light On A Snowy Day – A Story for Children

By Artie Knapp • Nov 1st, 2011
A year before that December day an injured baby deer had been abandoned in the woods behind the Dotson’s home. So weak was the little deer, that he hadn’t the strength to run from Maggie’s father when he approached him.

Living Green: A Turtle’s Quest for a Cleaner Planet – New Book by Artie Knapp

By Artie Knapp • Jun 1st, 2011
New book with a green message!

Stuttering Stan Book Now Available in Flash-Animated Version

By Artie Knapp • Jan 1st, 2011
Artie Knapp’s children’s book Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand is now available as a free flash-animated storybook from MightyBook Inc. Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand - teased and bullied about his stuttering, Stanley the squirrel refuses to let on that his feelings are being hurt, until one day he learns an important lesson from a new friend. At there are more than 60 free animated stories, songs, games and puzzles. To read Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand click on the illustration below.

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