Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

The Annual Rings of School
By Todd R. Nelson

Trees tell stories. Natural historians, their annual rings log the lean years and lustrous; drought and deluge; fire, infestation, and proliferation. They tell us their compass orientation and even the direction of the prevailing winds and weather over time. We can count the heartwood of their infancy, of their adolescence and of their dotage, and plot our own against this concentric archive of just how time has passed.

Everyone can think of a favorite tree stump, of counting rings for the first time; of learning what those rings meant. I like thinking backwards from the spruce stump out front. When I was born, its diameter was perhaps twelve inches. When my grandmother was born, the same year the Wright brothers flew their plane, it would have been a lanky sapling. Now in its final round of storytelling, its rings remind me of the stories trees tell us, and how we use trees to talk about ourselves.

I once gathered some students to talk about a poem by Howard Nemerov: “Trees.” They joined the poet in their connection to trees....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Safe Schools: Causes and Prevention

By Jennifer Rucker

Sandy Hook, December 14, 2012. Virginia Tech, April 16, 2007. Columbine, April 20, 1999. These are three memorable names of schools and universities, not known for their …

What I Leave Behind – A Look Back at Teaching

By Linda R. Young

If you’re returning to the classroom for another year, consider these things about teaching that you might – or might not – miss when, someday, you’ve retired from teaching.

Are YOU Ready for Your Co-teaching Experience?

By Susan Fitzell

For teachers who are new to co-teaching, however, knowing what to discuss during the planning process can seem as daunting as co-teaching itself. To help you prepare for your …

Our Unsung Heroes Project Journey – PBL

By Sarah Powley, Education Coach

Many young people today are without real heroes. Their knowledge of individuals who have made a difference in the world extends to celebrities and sports stars, perhaps to someone in …

Test Day – By Carol Voight

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Is he ready for this test?
The radio is low but audible.
Is it distracting his studying?
I want him to do well!
I’ll turn the radio down, but …

Making of the Hudson River School

By Internet Scout Report

The Hudson River School “refers to American landscape painting created between 1825 and roughly 1875” by a variety of artists who lived in the Hudson River Valley of New York, …

Critical Shortage of High school Physics Teachers in US – Summary of a Cornell University Study

By Stewart Brekke

America is behind most of its world competitor countries in physics training. As the United States transitions from an economy based on agriculture and manufacturing to one more based on …

Gamification in the Classroom

By Teachers.Net News Desk

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Gamification in the Classroom


Submitted by Edvectus

Over the past few years I have read a lot about gamification. It …

Tablet2Cases Releases New Drop Proof Shoulder Strap Rugged Case

By Teachers.Net News Desk

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Tablet2Cases Releases New Drop Proof Shoulder Strap Rugged Case 

Recently, Tablet2Cases released the new Cooper Trooper 2K Drop Proof Shoulder Strap Rugged Case. It is currently available …

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.13 No.8 Aug/Sep 2016
Cover Story by Todd R. Nelson
The Annual Rings of School
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