Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

The Teaching-Learning Phenomenon: It's a Miracle!
By Bill Page

While the school year is brand spanking new, and while everyone is in an anticipatory mode, let's pause to consider the "MIRACLE" we expect to take place in our classrooms this year...

Again, this new school year, my kids will learn and I will help them do so effectively, efficiently, and efficaciously. But in the hustle and hassle of daily decisions, I fear that the miraculous teaching-learning phenomenon might easily be taken for granted. Teachers have a deep and abiding faith: kids can learn, will learn, and do learn. But,deliberate thought, effort, and reflection are necessary to remember that teachers cannot learn for their students. Students will have to do their own learning....

From the Teachers.Net Community

OPERATION: Save Co Co – The Power of Positive Reinforcement from the Home to the Classroom – Pt.2

By Dré Cleveland

My son had a lot of trouble adjusting to Kindergarten and the rules that were supposed to be in place in the school. Though I’d tried reward systems at …

Reflections on Teacher and Student Motivation

By Sheree Rensel

One of the great advantages to getting older is the ability gained to see experiences with a long, clear vision. After years of living, we begin to see the patterns …

Overcoming School Phobia

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Most children object to going to school at one time or another. However, a school phobic child often misses many days for vague reasons. Parents should be concerned if their …

Separation Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms, Tips, Books

By Lisa Bundrick, LMSW It is normal for young children to struggle to adjust when separated from caregivers when going to daycare, school or when staying with another caregiver figure. Separation anxiety is when a child becomes distressed when away (or imagining being away from) from the home or a primary caregiver. For some children, this distress can impede their normal routines, such as going to school....

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Kindergarten Teacher – Invitational Education Partnership Between Kentucky Primary School, Hong Kong School

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Through hard work, determination, optimism and support, the Jessamine Early Learning
Village was awarded the “Inviting School” title by the IAIE in 2002. We realized at that
point that our journey was …

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