Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Learning Under the Rotini Trees of Anywhere – A Science Simulation Game
By Todd R. Nelson

Scattered among the ancient Elms and fever trees of our fair riverside village, Oh Best Beloved, lives a pleasant and fruitful tree known as the Rotini. You would recognize its fruit, as it is named after the corkscrew seedpods it drops to the grass below. It is a common tree, its leaves most similar to the Red Maple. You would recognize this tree as it no doubt thrives outside your school too.

The Rotini seedpods can be found covering the ground beneath its branches at all times of the year, depending on locale and climate—before the full moon of September, for instance, here in Maine. In our longitude, the Jub-Jub beetles feed on them and lay their eggs beneath the roots of the tree. They must work fast, for the beetles themselves are the favorite source of energy for the local moles, who furtively feed and grow fat for the winter, stashing rotini seeds in their burrows well below the frost. Furtive, I say, because the moles are the favorite food of the Jub-Jub Owls, a rare species that hunt hereabouts by night, swooping in the gloaming and snatching unwary moles like an invisible hand.

The most fortunate and plump owls have no predatory consumer, though from time to time they must range far and wide to the bigger fields to hunt, and the moles breathe easy—if only for a short while. The beetles, however, must take greater care because the moles are more brazen. The rotini just drop from their branches in the wind, regardless of beetle, mole, or owl....

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Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.12 No.4 April 2015
Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Retention Rate Is 100 Percent
Cover Story by Todd Nelson
Learning Under the Rotini Trees of Anywhere – A Science Simulation Game
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