Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Cover Story

I'm Sorry I'm a Teacher

By Alan Haskvitz

For over 45 years I have enjoyed making a living teaching. It hasn't been easy or lucrative, but it had its rewards, one of which was a secure retirement plan. Now I am sorry I became a teacher. I honestly didn't mean to place so many states in danger of going bankrupt....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Earth Day, Ecology Theme Lessons, Activities

By Teachers.Net Community

Earth Day ideas collected from the Teachers.Net global community!

Earth Science Teaching Plans and Classroom Activities

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Teachers looking for materials to help out in the classroom will find this well-organized site most useful. Created by the folks at, the site’s materials were compiled by Christy …

MORE Earth Day Lessons, Printables

By Teachers.Net Resources

Earth Day! We’ve got you covered!

Making the Grade

By Todd R. Nelson

Are we using grades, or are grades using us? Do we get the biggest possible benefit from grading academic work?

Music Makes Kids Smarter – Prove Me Wrong!

By Sharon Burch

Most activities cause only a portion of the brain to light up with activity, but there are four parts to the brain and music makes ALL of the …

How to Encourage Children to Read

By Elisabeth Greenfield

A middle school literature teachers offers her tips to make reading fun and an exciting activity for children of all ages.

School Counselor on Tattling Versus Reporting

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Teachers need to be aware of some information – such as when students are hurt, in danger, or being bullied – yet they cannot spend their entire day listening …

“Pitch & Shout” Instruction Method Really Works

By Bill Page

If every kid in class is the same, teachers can teach them all the same. But if some kids are different, they have to find ways to accommodate the …

Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities

By Teachers.Net Resources

Mapping Mom’s Heart – A simple but delightful craft that can also serve as a Mother’s Day card; Mother’s Day Butterfly and Poem – Child’s painted handprints form a colorful …

Math Stations Using Plastic Eggs!

By Heidi Samuelson

It’s that time of year when I start seeing plastic eggs in every store…here are some ways to use these wonderful snap apart toys in Math Stations!

Boomwhackers in Music Class

By Teachers.Net Community

How to make the most of boomwhackers in the elementary music classroom.

Quotes for Educators – Apple Seeds of Inspiration

By Barb Stutesman

Following are the Apple Seed quotes posted by Barb on the Teacher Chatboard each morning during March.

03-01:  I would rather fail in a cause …

Substitute Teaching A – Z

By Teachers.Net Resources

“When I feel confident, the classes seem to respond to me positively. How can I be sure that my first impression is the one that I want?” asks a Substitute …

Edutools for e-Learning Community

By Teachers.Net News Desk

The Edutools website offers a unique service for the e-learning education community.

Links & Likes

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Links and Likes for April! New links and likes are added throughout each week, so check back often. OR, sign up for a Teachers.Net mailring and you will receive updates …

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