Harry Wong
Oct 2017
Vol 14 No 3

Special Earthday Issue

Harry & Rosemary Wong

Training Teachers to Be Effective

Instead of teaching teachers how to be effective and how to improve student learning and achievement, the history of education has shown that we have spent at least 75 years jumping from one fad or ideology to another, while recycling the same programs year after year, decade after decade.

From the Teachers.Net Community

Interactive Learning Takes Learner from Bystander to Participant

By Vikas Joshi

We can learn a lot from the way children learn – the shortest path to learning is interactive. This short article discusses paradigms and technologies that infuse interactivity in learning. …

Dyslexia: A New Perspective

By Luqman Michel

There are many definitions of dyslexia. One of them is: Dyslexia is a learning disability. This is far from the truth. It …

The Ultimate Presentation Power – Student Use of the Document Camera

By Joe Frisk

For decades, teachers have stood in front of the class, presenting material printed on transparencies via …

Feedback after the Solo – Using Evaluation to Teach

By Stephen McClard

Giving praise for success is the easy part. A trained monkey could handily praise great effort, or even dumb luck. Dealing with perceived failure is the tough part.
There’s one rule …

1-800-TEA-CHER – A Successful Implementation of Theory

By Jana McCabe

Shortly after the beginning of the school year, my son, a first-grader, came home with an interesting homework assignment- a list of personal information that he was expected to commit …

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

To be or not to be, that is your decision….

Today is… Silly & Serious April Dates

By Ron Victoria

Cancer Control Month; National Child Abuse Prevention Month; Alcohol Awareness Month; Autism Awareness Month; National Poetry Month; Mathematics Education Month; Keep America Beautiful Month, and more.

School Administrator’s Facebook Controversy

By Teachers.Net Community

A school administrator relates what happened when he enforced the school policy against teachers “friending” students on Facebook. “Principal Jay Three” solicits input from colleagues on Administrators.Net

Captivating Civil War Activities for 8th Graders

By Teachers.Net Community

The peer support available on the grade level chatboards is amazing. Andrea posted a plea to colleagues for help with creating exciting lessons and experiences for her students, and the …

Art Activity: Interactive Color Wheel

By Teachers.Net Community

I wanted to do a simple introduction to the color wheel with 6th grade, and was seriously considering making nilla wafer color wheels by mixing food coloring and vanilla frosting. …

Featured Math Lesson: Probability – Tree Diagram Construction

By Teachers.Net Resources

Have the students sit in the front of the room in a semi-circle. Show them a picture of a spinner that has 4 equal colors. Draw a tree diagram on …

A Pocket Chart Activity – Hello Song

By Teachers.Net Community

Kindergarten teacher Sarah shared this photo of one of her classroom pocket charts. She tells us the activity is based upon a song she has posted on chart paper, with …

Etta Kralovec on The End of Homework – How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning

By Teachers.Net Resources

From the Teachers.Net Archives: A conversation with Etta Kralovec, co-author with John Buell of The End of Homework – How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning (Beacon Press)

The Imagination Factory Teaches How to Turn Waste into Art

By Teachers.Net Community

Art teacher and member of the Teachers.Net community Marilyn Brackney has returned from Indianapolis where she attended Green Fest Indy, an environmental festival organized to connect green businesses and …

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