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Jun 2017
Vol 14 No 2

50 Web Applications for Teachers

By Allison Gray - Rasmussen College

their classroom’s website. The app allows teachers to build colorful, customizable websites, while storing mailing lists and moderating private discussions with students and/or parents.

36) Scribd ( Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world, where tens of millions of people each month can publish and discover documents online. On Scribd, teachers can utilize the web publishing function for PDFs, Word, PowerPoint presentations and Excel documents.

37) ScribLink: ( Scriblink is a free digital whiteboard where users can share online copy and design in real-time on a digital whiteboard. Whether you’re using the site for fun or tutoring a student in Algebra, Scriblink brings the power of free hand expression in a digital setting.

38) Schoopy ( Powered by Amazon (, Schoopy creates a weekly list of hot Amazon books using skillful algorithms.

39) Shmoop: ( Despite this application’s silly name, Schmoop is actually an incredibly useful tool for liberal art educators. This application has amassed hundreds of study guides, essay labs and “Best of the Web” sections for arts and humanities written by Masters and Ph.D.-level graduates.

40) Symbaloo: ( Symbaloo, an ancient Greek verb that means ‘gathering’ does just that on this website. Educators from around the globe use our platform to create a collection of specific links for their students. Teachers are encouraged to create an aggregation of URLs related to subjects in homework assignments to aid with research or take-home projects.

41) Sparknotes: ( Known by former generations as the “little yellow handbook” of abbreviated text, Sparknotes has since evolved to serve students and teachers on the World Wide Web. helps students learn and practice basic skills, write a paper, study for a test and achieve their academic goals. From summaries of classics like The Scarlet Letter and To Kill A Mockingbird, to Science guides—teachers can utilize this app for supplementary learning.

42) TaDa List: ( It is no surprise that educators are burdened with a heavy workload. List making is a great solution for organizing the hectic lives of teachers—and TaDa is a great resource for that. The application allows users to create, share and utilize more than four million lists.
43) TeacherTube: ( TeacherTube was conceived in 2007 by a veteran educator—and is used to augment lessons through an online community. The application’s goal of “teachers teaching teachers” has proven to be successful as in the past few years, it has evolved to include document, photo, video and audio sharing.

44) The Phone Company ( The Phone Company serves as a free online fax service used to send text-based faxes via email or a web browser. It is a great tool for teachers to use to connect with co-teachers, parents and administrators.

45) ThinkFree Office Online ThinkFree is a Microsoft® Office compatible application suite comprised of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation graphics software – all usable online and offline. ThinkFree Office can automatically install and upgrade over the internet with features such as Internet-based file sharing and storage.

46) Wikipedia: ( Wikipedia is a vast online encyclopedia that covers just about any subject under the moon. Though submissions are user-generated, the content is accurate and detailed and the site can serve as a great resource for teachers and students.

47) WriteCheck: ( WriteCheck (powered by Turnitin) is the ultimate plagiarism detector… The solution allows teachers to check originality by serving as the “third check” for any paper – first: spelling check; second: grammar check; and, third: originality check.
48) Yahoo Bookmarks: ( Bookmarks is great for teachers who want to store and organize personal bookmarks. If you use a Yahoo-powered search browser, this application allows you to use a practical built-in bookmark manager and integrate a myriad of web services.

49) Yola: ( Yola is an application that channels the average Joe’s web developing skills by offering simple tools to design a website. Though this application can be used outside the academic world, it is useful for teachers who want to create online materials to augment their coursework.

50) Zoho: ( A 2008 WebWare winner for “Best Online Application,” Zoho serves as a suite of web-based office applications in which word processing documents, spreadsheets and databases can be created and saved online. Teachers can save their notes or create assignments all in one place with this clever application.



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