Harry Wong
Jan 2017
Vol 14 No 1

Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans

By Teachers.Net Resources

We hope you find these teacher-submitted lesson plans helpful during your study of Romeo and Juliet! – Romeo and Juliet Newspaper – Themes in Romeo and Juliet – Complete Romeo and Juliet Lesson – Interpreting Quotes in Romeo and Juliet – Romeo and Juliet Valentines

And this, posted by an anonymous teacher on the English Teachers Chatboard:

My students made some amazing posters for our walls.

I assigned them different scenes, passed out the poster board
and markers/colored pencils/pastels, and had them express,
interpret, and create. They printed out brief passages of the
sections they were illustrating and attached them to the
posters as we were hanging them on the walls.

They really got into it, and some of the most striking posters
were of the stabbing and poison scenes, which I’d assigned to
the wannabe gang members! Also, since some of them really
didn’t read the entire play, the posters allowed them to walk
around and get the gist of all the major plot points.

The movie version from the 1960’s is a major snooze, and the
audio is garbled so everybody’s mumbling. Haven’t yet seen the
more recent one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Paul Sorvino, but
I’ve heard good things.

What DID work well was showing them West Side Story! It was a
VERY GOOD THING, in our school, for students to see extremely
dorky gang members killing each other over absolutely stupid
stuff. Very good thing. You could hear the little gears
spinning in their brains.



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