Harry Wong
Jan 2017
Vol 14 No 1

Convert Chalkboard to Dry Erase, Magnetic Board

By Teachers.Net Community

The question, emailed to one of the 150 Teachers.Net mailrings:

I do not use chalk in my room any more, I use dry erase boards. I have some old 9 x 13 chalkboards. Is there any  way to turn these chalkboards in to a dry erase board? If  you can’t, are there any suggestions on what to do with  these chalkboards?

Only 54 minutes later, Brigette responded with this post to the mailring group:

You can buy a paint at Home Depot that will make it a white board. They also have paint that will turn it into a magnetic board.


Rustoleum Dry Erase Paint

Magnetic Paint

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