Harry Wong
Jan 2017
Vol 14 No 1

Cover Story

"I Don't Teach a Subject, I Teach Kids!"
By Bill Page

Teachers use a great variety of communication elements or clues and cues for student learning, classroom management, individual control, and preventive discipline, as well as whatever else they need to attend to during the lesson. Lecturing to a class, as we usually think of it, is a one dimensional, or maybe a 95% teacher to 5% student communication interaction. However, that is because we usually ignore the fact that lessons are always 100% teacher to 100% student involvement(beginning at the level of being present) whether it is an uninterrupted lecture or an entire period of student small group activity.....

From the Teachers.Net Community

Bill Page says: Ron Clark’s “Not Every Child Deserves a Cookie” is “Repugnant”

By Bill Page

Bill Page I want to express my repugnance to the lead article in the September Gazette, Not Every Child Deserves a Cookie, by Ron Clark. I found the content …

5 Sites for Busy Educators

By Marjan Glavac

5 sites teacher/author/consultant Marjan Glavac knows you’ll want to add to your bookmarks!

Project for Excellence in Journalism: Ethics Codes

By Teachers.Net News Desk

From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2011.
Project for Excellence in Journalism: Ethics Codes

For those persons teaching journalism students, this selection of ethics codes from a range …

Teacher at Sea Program: Hands-On for Science Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk

A high school science teacher spent 12-days at sea on a science expedition, helping NOAA scientists survey clams off the New England coast as part of the Teacher at Sea …

Apple Seeds – Quotes for Educators

By Barb Stutesman

09-01: The secret to getting things done is to act! ~ Benjamin O. David

09-02: So many fail because they don’t get started – they don’t go. …

Question the Questions, Instead of Answer the Answers

By Bill Page

In our concerns for at-risk kids, we need first to examine our questions very critically.

Tips for Writing Teacher Comments on Report Cards

By Leah Davies, M.Ed.

Report cards provide parents with essential information concerning their child’s progress in school. Various formats are used including letter grades, numbers, checklists and teacher comments that indicate how a child …

Educational Comics Collection

By Teachers.Net News Desk

This compelling collection contains educational comics created by a raft of different government agencies and other organizations, presenting a rather diverse portrait of the ways in which various topics were …

Laying the Foundation Launches Annual Educator Award Programs

By Teachers.Net News Desk

Dallas-based nonprofit teacher training organization launches annual teacher and teacher trainer award programs.

Printables for PreK-12

By Teachers.Net Resources

* September Apple Seeds Quotes
* Classroom Rules
* Classroom Expectations
* August Apple Seeds Quotes
* Weekly News Letter Form
* Interview Questions for Grandparents Day
* “Hello Friends” Song Book
* Attendance and Lunch Count …

“I Don’t Teach a Subject, I Teach Kids!”

By Bill Page

The lesson content in class presentations lies in the words and their meanings;
The context is everything else: the non-verbal cues, procedures, climate, etc.

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.8 No.10 October 2011

Harry & Rosemary Wong: Effective Teaching
Seamless, Transparent, and Consistent
Christina Shoemaker feared the worse. What would greet her when she was 8 minutes tardy for her own class?

Cover Story by Bill Page
"I Don't Teach a Subject, I Teach Kids!"
Teachers use a great variety of communication elements for classroom management..... There is a misconception in our country that teachers whose students make good grades are providing them with a good education.

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