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Lost Libyan Cities Discovered After Gadhafi – New Archaeological Discovery Attracts International Attention (Resources)

By Teachers.Net News Desk
A new archaeological discovery in Libya attracts international attention

Lost cities discovered after Gadhafi–researchers

Lost castles of forgotten civilization found in Libyan desert

Castles in the desert

Archaeologist grateful NATO raids spared Libyan ancient sites, but some old coins stolen

NPR: Hope Amid Ruins: Clues To The Future In Libya’s Past

Herodotus: On Libya

The people of Libya have been working to establish a new form of government in the past several months, and there have been a few additional interesting discoveries along the way. This week a team of researchers from the University of Leicester announced that they had discovered a set of castle-like structures and several “lost cities” in the southwestern corner of Libya. Lead-researcher David Mattingly noted, “It is like someone coming to England and suddenly discovering all the medieval castles. These settlements had been unremarked and unrecorded under the Gadhafi regime.” In February, Mattingly and his colleagues made a quick exit as the revolts started in Libya, but before they left they were able to make some remarkable finds. These “lost cities” were created by the Garamantes, who had done much to establish remote oases and create important trade linkages across the Sahara. Mattingly and his colleagues hope to return shortly to continue working with the Libyan antiquities services on exploring and excavating these elaborate structures.

The first link will take visitors to an article about these “lost cities” from this Monday’s Toronto Sun. The second link will whisk visitors away to an article from this Tuesday’s Mirror about this fantastic discovery. Moving along, the third link will take interested parties to the official press release from the University of Leicester about this work. Visitors can look at a few satellite images of the sites and learn more about the digs. The fourth link will take users to a recent piece from the Washington Post which talks about the tragic loss of thousands of old coins from a Benghazi bank vault during the recent Libyan revolution. The fifth link leads to a nice piece of reporting from NPR about the exciting promise of future archaeological digs in Libya. The final link leads to the famous remarks made by Herodotus about Libya in his “Histories” which begin: “For my part I am astonished that men should have ever have divided Libya…”

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