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Changing Students’ Perspectives of Rigor

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jan 10th, 2017
When I began writing Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter Word, I wanted to hear what students would say, since they are the ones who are most directly impacted by the decision to increase rigor in the classroom. I asked, “How do you feel about rigor, or challenging work in school?” I received over 400 responses from students in grades two through twelve. Their replies reflect the tug-of-war of negative and positive perceptions.

The Importance of Keeping a Teacher’s Learning Brain Alive – For the Students!

By Jeny Rapheal • Jan 9th, 2017
Of all learning principles, "use it or lose it" seems to be inexorably adamant. According to neuroscience, exercising of brain muscles is the sole way to strengthen neural pathways. The formation and maintenance of new synaptic connections and neural pathways in the brain ruthlessly adhere to the extent of practice and repetition individual goes through. If this is true, all those who have given up learning are likely to suffer ‘attrition’ in their area of expertise. And teaching too is not immune from it.

Apple Seeds of Inspiration – December and January

By Barb Stutesman • Jan 5th, 2017
During December, Bar shared these seeds of inspiration for your enjoyment. Also great material for morning announcements and newsletters!

Classrooms of the Future – Imagine this!

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jan 1st, 2017
It is fun to imagine the future, especially when we hear about the latest advances in technology and learn about a possible future where trips to Mars become commonplace or cars become driverless. So with all these wondrous inventions, we might ask ourselves – what are the technological changes that will affect a classroom of the future? Here are some technology advances that might have a big impact on education.

Classroom Labels – When They’re Damaging Rather Than Helpful

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jan 1st, 2017
In today's classroom, students bring a wide range of exceptionalities to the table. Having these well-defined categories of exceptionality will ultimately help us move towards a more inclusive teaching environment. These categories allow teachers to clearly differentiate what the individual needs of a student are and how best to cater to these needs. The more precise categories we have, the better able we will be in pinpointing what type of exceptionality the student has and what the best course of action is to help this student.

The Civil War in Art

By Internet Scout Report • Jan 1st, 2017
The Terra Foundation for American Art, in collaboration with a number of partners, has created this collection of interactive exhibits and classroom resources dedicated to artistic portrayals of the American Civil War.

Four Easy Teaching Strategies for Summarizing Skills

By Susan Fitzell • Jan 1st, 2017
Summarizing is a life-long skill that greatly affects student learning. It is also a skill that students struggle with significantly. One of the worst consequences of a lack of summarizing skills is the ease with which students will mistakenly plagiarize. Early in my teaching career, I noticed that when students were assigned a summarizing assignment, they would simply copy sentences from the book – rearranged. Rather than read a sentence and tell it in their own words, they simply switched the wording around.

The BEST Dr. Seuss Read Across America Activities!

By Teachers.Net Resources • Jan 1st, 2017
Everything you'll need to make the birthday of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day extra special this year! A whole page of ideas, crafts, tips, events tested and shared by classroom teachers, with links to more!

Mathematics and Music

By Internet Scout Report • Jan 1st, 2017
The American Mathematics Society (AMS) has created this diverse resource list dedicated to the intersecting fields of mathematics and music.

Deliberating in a Democracy – Social Studies Lesson Plans

By Internet Scout Report • Jan 1st, 2017
For civics teachers and other educators interested in incorporating informed discussion about controversial issues into their classrooms, this resource may be of interest.

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