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November 2015
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The Best Question to Encourage Learning

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Sep 1st, 2015
Asking “Why?” is an INeffective question when it relates to behavior. For example, the answer to asking a young person, “Why are you doing that?” will prompt answers such as, “I don’t know” or an excuse, such as, “I have ADD.” In contrast, asking a student this question effective teaching technique for promoting learning and effort...

Horse Whisperer Tames Mustang – A Lesson for Teachers and Parents

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Oct 1st, 2013
Monty Roberts is a famous horse trainer--the model for the Robert Redford film, "The Horse Whisperer." The trainer conducts demonstrations of how he trains wild mustangs. Monty grew up in central California and, at age 12, started observing them. He now puts his observations and experiences with horses to work with humans. As with the strategies I share, his approach is one of noncoercion to effect behavior changes and improve relationships. The strategy is in direct contrast to traditional approaches of using coercion.

Thinking about Thinking Is Essential for Learning

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Sep 1st, 2013
When we hear ourselves thinking, we are metacogitating. But do not assume that every student does it. For example, a student works on and solves a problem, and the teacher says, "Tell us how you solved that problem." And the student says, "I don't know; I just did it." This shows a lack of metacognitive awareness.

5 Classroom Tips for a New School Year

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Aug 1st, 2013
5 invaluable tips to get the new school year off to a good start with positive ways to establish effective classroom management!

How to Motivate Your Students

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Jul 1st, 2013
"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." But we can speed up the process.

Understanding Boys

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Jan 1st, 2013
A boy measures everything he does or says by a single yardstick: “Does this make me look weak?” If it does, he isn't going to do it. That's part of the reason that video games have such a powerful hold on boys. The action is constant; boys can calibrate just how hard the challenges will be; and when they lose, the defeat is private.

Urgent: Understanding Boys

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Dec 19th, 2012
From the archives

Whereas good relationships are important to girls, success is more important to boys.
by Dr. Marvin Marshall

Hopefully, society is well past the “politically correct” theory (an oxymoron in a democratic society) that the ONLY difference

Learning Climate – Motivation is optimal when coercion is at a minimum

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Sep 1st, 2012
In a classroom where the teacher and class have a forced relationship, the student who disrupts the class becomes a hero. The reason is that a coercive climate is an adversarial one. In a climate of positive relationships, the disrupting student does not receive support from the other students.

Accountability in Schools

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Oct 1st, 2011
There is no doubt that competition improves PERFORMANCE, but competition is horrific for LEARNING. If you never stand in the winner's circle, you would rather drop out than compete. Similarly, no one with a good understanding of STANDARDIZED tests and an objective viewpoint can justify their use to rank teachers, schools, or school districts in any RELIABLE and VALID way.

A Question of Semantics?

By Dr. Marvin Marshall • Oct 1st, 2009
I'm much more positive in my own mind when I purposely view "misbehavior" as coming from "someone who didn't learn the procedure," as when I perceive the same behavior as coming from "someone who's not following the rules."

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