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Cell Phone Attendance? What do you think?

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016


This photo and suggestion showed up on our @teachersnet Twitter feed.  What do you think? Would you use this method in your classroom?

We asked that question on a Teachers.Net Chatboard. The responses are copied below. Please …

Preschoolers Need More Play, Fewer Scripted Lessons – Early Childhood Educator Erika Christakis

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
In her book, “The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need from Grownups” (Viking), noted early childhood educator and Silliman College associate master Erika Christakis argues that most of today’s youngest schoolchildren are spending their critical early-learning years in environments that ignore or misunderstand their needs.

US Education Secretary Calls for Return to Well-Rounded Education

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
Research shows that students—particularly historically underserved students—engage more deeply in learning when they are exposed to a variety of topics and can better connect what they are learning in the classroom with the world outside the school house. For example, there’s evidence that students improve at math when they’ve taken classes that connect science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with the arts. And research from the University of Virginia’s Daniel Willingham shows that students with broad knowledge are stronger readers.

NSTA New Science Teacher Academy Accepting Entries for 2016–2017 Program

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
"Studies show that support for teachers in their early years of teaching is an important factor in teacher retention," said Dr. David Evans, NSTA executive director. "Our goal for the teachers who participate in the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy is to empower them so that they can remain in the classroom with renewed energy and creative ideas that spur powerful student learning."

Schools Should Teach Prevention of HIV, STDs, Pregnancy – CDC

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
In most of the United States, fewer than half of high schools and only a fifth of middle schools teach all 16 topics recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as essential components of sexual health education.

Teacher Creates Class Time Countdown Clock, Alerts

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
A middle school teacher has created a FREE classroom computer clock that displays the amount of class time remaining, and can be set to provide various alerts. He invites you to download it now.

Connecticut Teacher Named 2016 National Teacher of the Year

By Teachers.Net News Desk • May 1st, 2016
Hayes teaches at John F. Kennedy High School, but the community is her classroom. Connecting lessons learned in school to real life is an integral part of her instruction. Hayes seeks to send students into the world not just academically prepared but as conscientious and productive members of society.

School Principal Todd R. Nelson Is Prolific Writer – See His Books Here!

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Apr 1st, 2016

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Check out these books by Todd R. Nelson…entertaining writer, columnist, progressive educator and school principal!


One Good Word By Todd R. NelsonPaperback: $7.95

Columns about teaching writing in middle school from a

The Spel-Lang Tree Seeds Word Study Program – FREE DOWNLOAD

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Apr 1st, 2016
The Spel-Lang Tree takes its name from Spelling and Language. It is the result of the author's many years of instructing primary classrooms and her careful monitoring of the positive results of changes in word study instruction. After several years of use by teachers in first grade classrooms in Ringwood School, Johnsburg District 12, McHenry County, IL, it is also the result of requests by colleagues to publish it. Polishing and publishing this highly effective program has been a labor of love. The Spel-Lang Tree: Seeds is a recent addition to the Spel-Lang Tree word study program. It is intended for kindergarten use or as a resource book for first grade teachers. It offers basic information about sounds and how they are produced and contains activities that are helpful for reinforcing sound/symbol relationships. A suggested sequence for instruction is provided. The Spel-Lang Tree: Seeds is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

Earn CEUs in Maine This Summer – Eagle Hill Institute Field Courses

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Mar 30th, 2016
This summer, the Eagle Hill Institute in coastal Steuben, Maine is offering over 25 one-week courses that provide valuable training for teachers, and while doing so, they can earn 5 Continuing Education Credits from U Maine Orono, all while spending a week in the beautiful Acadia National Park region of Maine!

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.13 No.4 April 2016
Cover Story by Sarah Powley
Always the Kids
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