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Aug/Sep 2016
Vol 13 No 8

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Mizlett’s 3D Snowflake Craft Project

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 23rd, 2016


This elegant 3-D snowflake project was crafted by Teachers.Net teacher Pat Perry Letts, lovingly known as “Mizletts” on the Teachers.Net community. Sadly, Pat passed away September, 2016. We honor her memory by sharing her 3-D snowflake project, first published …

I Wish My Teacher Knew…

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 23rd, 2016

Book Spotlight: I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids


One day, third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to fill in the blank in this sentence: “I wish my teacher knew …

THE Classroom Management Book by Harry & Rosemary Wong

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 1st, 2016

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We recently sent out to our subscribers a a timeless article from our archives, a 2014 Effective Teaching article by Harry and Rosemary Wong that contained outdated information about THE Classroom Management Book, announcing its

How Procedures Saved a Teacher’s Life

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 31st, 2016

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By Harry K. and Rosemary Wong –

If you lost consciousness and passed out while teaching your class, would your students—your kindergarten students—know what to do?  Heather Chambers’ kindergarten students saved her life.

Heather …

Successful First Days of School Are No Secret – Harry & Rosemary Wong

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 29th, 2016

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This example is so incredible that you may think it’s fiction.  It’s not.  It is a true situation.

Elise, a new teacher on her first day of school, brought in a roll of toilet paper. 

10 Tools for Success on the First Days of School – Harry & Rosemary Wong

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 25th, 2016

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Timeless advice from the authors of THE Classroom Management Book

We teach you to plan so you can plan to teach.

We love to play Mexican Train®.  For those who are not familiar …

The Look a Student Gives a Teacher – A Poem By Monica Sanchez

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2016
I swear I didn't stab a puppy while simultaneously decapitating a rainbow, But that is how you'll look at me.

Not Enough Hours in a Day – Advice for Aspiring Teachers by Nicole Lenius

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2016

By Nicole Lenius

I entered the education world blindly. It was supposed to revolve around me helping to mold the minds of my students.  We would work and learn from one another as I passed along my love …

Test Day – By Carol Voight

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2016
Is he ready for this test? The radio is low but audible. Is it distracting his studying? I want him to do well! I’ll turn the radio down, but WAIT! The commercial plays a familiar quote from a powerful movie.

Why We Need Arts in Education

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2016
While there has never been a question of the value of English, mathematics or science in education, there has been a widely disputed gap in the value attributed to the arts. The areas of visual arts, drama, dance, music and photography are sometimes considered to be 'fluffier' subjects than the hard hitting disciplines that mark whether or not a student will be successful as an adult. The arts can therefore be considered more costly, both in monetary terms and time management. I have friends who completed their undergraduate degrees in visual arts and art history. While they would never question that the pursuit of these degrees fulfilled their passion and love of learning, they do feel the deficit of fewer career opportunities than students who completed degrees in science or mathematics. So, why are the arts so important?

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.8 August 2014

Harry & Rosemary Wong
Effective Teaching
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