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November 2014
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Mystery Photo Test for Teachers

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Oct 17th, 2014

Tweet to share this test with your friends and colleagues, school board members, secretaries of education and union officials to see how well THEY do!


A Multiple Choice Test for Teachers

This question is worth 100% of your …

Chess Board and Life: Same Approach by Gabriel F. Isaac

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Oct 1st, 2014

When I first started working a chess club. I went through all the motions my older brother did when he taught me the rules and objectives of the game, and it was easy. This is the board, these are the pieces, this is the way the pieces move on the board, and this is how you win. The kids got it…

Origami: Learning Through the Folds – Elaine McFarland

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Oct 1st, 2014

The art of origami involves transforming a flat sheet of paper into a 3-D object. Origami is an opportunity to have fun with your students while creating rigor and novelty. Through each sequential step in folding, a child learns through all instructional methods: kinesthetic, auditory, symbolic, and visual spatial.

Pumpkin Pie In A Cup – Classroom Recipe

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Oct 1st, 2014

Almost too simple to be called a recipe, your students will enjoy putting this October, Halloween or anytime treat together, and they’ll LOVE eating it!

Let’s Brainstorm: Skeleton Theme Ideas!

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Oct 1st, 2014

Please take a moment to post at least one of your favorite skeleton/bone theme lessons, activities, related books, links and ideas in the Comments section below.
To get the ball rolling, here’s an idea from us, a traditional game updated to become an interdisciplinary experience:

Your Science Lesson Could Win $1,000 and STEM Classroom Makeover

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Sep 10th, 2014

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dollars Floating in the SkyThe National 4-H Council and Lockheed Martin are Offering Science Teachers the Chance to Win $1,000 and a STEM Classroom Makeover


Teachers Can Submit Three Photos of Their Class Conducting the 4-H National Youth

Free 9/9/14 Nat’l Park Service Webcast Will Teach Students about US Flag, Star Spangled Banner – Register FREE now

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 29th, 2014

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Francis Scott Key Goes Back to School at

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Free Distance Learning Opportunity Brings the Bicentennial of

the National Anthem to Classrooms across the Country

Baltimore – Students and …

Report Reveals Need for Better Advising on College Major Selection

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2014

A new report from ACT suggests the fit between high school students’ interests and their intended college majors often does not improve—and sometimes gets worse—after they enter college and actually declare a major. The findings point to a need for better advising on the selection of a college major in both high school and college.

Clever Ice Breaker for a New School Year

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Aug 1st, 2014

A great icebreaker for the first day of school!

International Bilingual Education Expert Brad Philpot to Speak at IB Conference in Rome: Learning Language in an International Context

By Teachers.Net News Desk • Jul 18th, 2014

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Brad Philpot, Cambridge University Press author and expert in high-quality professional development for teachers of the IB Diploma programme, has been announced as one of the distinguished speakers at the IB Africa, Europe and Middle

Teachers.Net Gazette Vol.11 No.7 July 2014

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