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Teaching or Business: The Million Dollar Question

By Alan Haskvitz • Nov 1st, 2015
For me, it was an easy choice. The lure of a career in business with its tax advantages, lucrative starting salary, and advancement based on my skills were enough to off-set the “touch the future” altruism of teaching. In economics terms, teaching was an opportunity cost and the benefits of a career in business were overwhelming. It isn’t that I didn’t feel that teaching was a noble profession and I clearly benefited from having some exemplary teachers, but it didn’t take for me long to figure out that I wanted my own office more than my own classroom.

What the Worst Teachers Can Teach Us

By Alan Haskvitz • Aug 1st, 2014
I was blessed as a teacher by having some of the worst teachers as role models and that includes public school and college. Each one of these enabled me to learn what not to do as a teacher and can provide others with ideas on how to improve their teaching. This article isn't about sour grapes, it is about turning negatives to positives and that is what we can learn from bad teachers. I am sure all of us sat through courses where the instructor lacked the basic skills to teach. It was boring and frustrating and sometimes we paid with low grades. The point is that we can learn from these weaknesses to make ourselves better teachers. Call it turning negatives into positives. Here's how to do it.

A Teacher Died Today

By Alan Haskvitz • Dec 1st, 2012
Years of experience had taught him that administrators and students come and go, but the real key to survival was to let them. All too frequently they had perceived him as a speed bump on their way to the future, not believing that his methods would be of value, despite the myriad of honors he had received, lauding his talents as a teacher

What Size Community Does it Take to Raise a Child’s Test Scores?

By Alan Haskvitz • Aug 1st, 2012
According to the author, there has never been a study done about the relationship between community size and test scores - until his students set out to change that.

What Size Community Does it Take to Raise a Child’s Test Scores?

By Alan Haskvitz • Jul 1st, 2012
What Size Community Does it Take to Raise a Child’s Test Scores?
Winston Feng with research done by students in Mr. Alan Haskvitz’s social studies class at Suzanne Middle School
Objective: To see if there is a relationship between

I’m Sorry I’m a Teacher

By Alan Haskvitz • Apr 1st, 2011
Until today, I never stopped to look at what my decision to become a teacher had cost. Now, I am sorry I became a teacher.

Great Quotes About Teaching: Motivation and Humor

By Alan Haskvitz • Mar 1st, 2011
There are easily as many good teacher quotes as there are educators, and that’s as it should be as every instructor creates their own legacy. Compiled here are some of the best quotes that provide both inspiration and insight into what has always been a demanding job.

The End of the Male Teacher: Seniority Rules

By Alan Haskvitz • Feb 1st, 2011
More lucrative occupations, cutbacks in salaries, fear of harassment charges, and possible parent bias against them are driving men from the K-12 teaching field. But the unseen culprit in this demise could be seniority.

Los Angeles Times Rates Teachers Using Value-Added System: Your Number’s Up

By Alan Haskvitz • Oct 1st, 2010
The Los Angeles Times published the names and rankings of 6000 teachers. Is that right? Should data be used to evaluate teachers versus schools?

We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore! Teachers Fight Back

By Alan Haskvitz • Sep 1st, 2010
Too often teachers have been the victims of their own tendency to be "nice." Dedicated to helping others, schooled for years on being role models for society, teachers are held up as the epitome of moderation and understanding. This has resulted in teaching being rated as a highly valued and most honorable profession in public polls. Sadly, this willingness to cooperate has also resulted in teachers taking abuse by politicians, a few parents, and administrators not willing or able to stand-up for their staffs. These cases illustrate the abuse some teachers are suffering, and what they are doing to fight back.

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